220076, г. Минск, ул. Ф. Скорины, 13
Институт психологии, 7 корпус
Учебно-организационный отдел:
дневная форма получения образования
☏ 311-23-03, каб. 31 (3 этаж)
заочная форма получения образования
☏ 311-23-12, каб. 36 (3 этаж)
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Открытие Института психологии



General Information

The Institute of Psychology of BSPU was opened the 1 of September 2016 at the Faculty of Psychology in accordance with the order of the rector dated 04.07.2016 № 68.

The administrative and managerial staff of the Institute of Psychology:


Dyakov Dmitry Grigorievich.

Deputy Directors:

Dzeravianka Volha Ivanovna;

Morozov Victor Egorovich;

Matyushchenko Ekaterina Leonidovna.

A feature of training at the Institute of Psychology is the orientation toward the training of a specialist psychologist who is as ready to carry out practical work as possible. To achieve this, students, starting from the 1st year, have the opportunity not only to obtain the necessary professional knowledge, but also to form special skills necessary for successful practical activities in the future. This is ensured by the applied nature of the disciplines of the specialty, specialization, university component and, at the student's option, included in the curriculum of the specialties.


The structural divisions of the Institute include:

• Department of general and organizational psychology;

• Department of educational psychology;

• Department of social and family psychology;

• Department of psychological support for professional activities;

• Department of clinical and consulting psychology;

• Laboratory of psychology of cognitive processes:

• Republican Center for Psychological Assistance.

Programs Offered

Currently, the Institute of Psychology is training psychologists in two specialties:

- «Psychology» (specializations «Pedagogical Psychology», «Social Psychology», «Psychology of family relations» and «Psychology of entrepreneurial activity»);

- «Practical psychology».

The content of education at the Institute of Psychology of BSPU meets the requirements of the State educational standard of the specialties «Psychology» and «Practical Psychology» and is distinguished by its humanitarian orientation, thoroughness of the disciplines of the specialty and specialization cycle, and orientation toward incorporating the achievements of modern science and practice in the field of psychology into the learning process.

The curriculum of the specialty 1 - 23 01 04 «Psychology» (4 years - full-time and 5 years - part-time education) provides for the study of 1-3 courses of specialty disciplines, 3-4 courses - disciplines of specializations «Pedagogical Psychology», «Social Psychology», «Psychology of family relations»,  «Psychology of entrepreneurial activity».

In accordance with the curriculum of the specialty 1 - 03 04 03 «Practical Psychology» (4 years - full-time and 5 years - part-time education), the study of the disciplines of the specialty continues throughout all 4 years of education. Graduates of the specialty «Practical Psychology” receive the qualification «Education psychologists» and, in accordance with the national classifier of the Republic of Belarus OKRB 011-2009, can occupy the position «Education psychologists».

The Institute of Psychology also provides training for specialists in the second level of higher education (Мagistracy) with the assignment of a master's degree in two areas:

- Specialty 1-23 80 03 «Psychology» with profiling «Crisis Psychology»;

- Specialty 1-23 80 03 «Psychology» with profiling «Psychological counseling and psychocorrection».

Training in the magistracy includes the deepening of general scientific knowledge and knowledge in the chosen specialty, passing candidate and semester tests and examinations, performing research on a chosen topic, preparing and defending a master's thesis.

Citizens of other states study in master's programs in accordance with the agreements. Documents are received for them as they become available throughout the school year. The term of study in a magistracy for foreign citizens is up to 2 years.


220114, Minsk, st. F. Skoriny, 13

Institute of Psychology, Building 7

Educational and organizational department:

full-time education

☏ 369-88-96, office 31 (3rd floor)

part-time education

☏ 237-09-58, office 36 (3rd floor)

The Department of General and Organizational Psychology was organized on September 1, 2015, provides training for students in the specialties «Psychology» and «Practical Psychology», is a graduate in the specialization «Psychology of Entrepreneurial Activities».

The Department of Social and Family Psychology was formed on the basis of the Department of Applied Psychology, which was organized on November 14, 1996. The department provides training for students in the specialties «Psychology" and "Practical Psychology", is graduating in the specialties «Social Psychology» and «Psychology of Family Relations» (in the specialty «Psychology»).

The Department of Education Psychology was organized on April 10, 2000 (earlier - the Department of Pedagogical Psychology, then - the Department of General and Pedagogical Psychology), provides training for students in the specialties «Psychology» and «Practical Psychology», is graduating in the specialization of «Pedagogical Psychology».

The Department of Psychological Support for Professional Activities was formed on the basis of the University Department of Psychology (year of creation - 1950). The department provides psychological training for students of non-core specialties at 6 faculties of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University: Faculty of Natural Sciences, Physics and Mathematics Faculty, History Department, Philological Faculty, Faculty of Aesthetic Education, Faculty of Physical Education.

The Department of Clinical and Consultative Psychology was organized in 2007, provides training for students in the specialties «Psychology» and «Practical Psychology», is a graduate in the specialty «Practical Psychology».